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Whatever you need to grow your business online, we’ve got your back.

With a professional WordPress website, you can showcase your business.

In 2021, having an internet presence is more critical than ever before. To locate a company or service, people are increasingly turning to search engines.

Businesses that do not have websites or cannot be located online are effectively non-existent.

There are a plethora of website design alternatives available online, ranging from free website builders to custom-built sites. Businesses may benefit from our economical custom web design services, which are staffed by experts.

Web Design

Packages for Web Design that are Cheaper

Websites are our favourite hobby! Promoting your company’s online presence is easy with our low-cost web design services! Before launching a new website, we ensure that it is optimised for search engines. We provide low-cost web design in South Africa. Using the expertise of our small group of web designers, we provide high-quality web design services. It is our mission to produce innovative, responsive and mobile friendly websites for small companies at an affordable price.

Web Design in Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa

Sandton, Johannesburg, is where Studio Web Design Pro is situated. Our low-cost web design services are available to businesses in Johannesburg and all provinces in South Africa.

Details of Our Web Design Services

Local companies in Johannesburg and South Africa may rely on our expertise when it comes to creating stunning websites. When we build a website, we use either a pre-made template or one that we personalise ourselves. Alternatively, it might be constructed from scratch. If you want your customers to enjoy using your site, you must personalise it to their individual needs. Web Design Pro designers have created websites for a wide range of businesses. For the ultimate company website, we listen to your objectives and any layout suggestions you may have. Over the last five years, our web design studio has been delivering high-quality, low-cost web design services to a wide range of clients. The personal touch is sometimes lost when working with larger organisations or corporations.

Your prospective consumer needs to be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly on a well-maintained website. Search engines like Google, which place a high priority on user satisfaction, need this. It is also important to note that search engines are quite excellent at determining whether or not a website is user pleasant or not. If you’re looking for a cheap website design service, you can be certain that we’ll take into account what search engines are looking for. Every website is optimised for search engines when it is designed.

Every one of our low-cost websites is mobile-friendly. This is a must-have for today’s search engines. Mobile-friendly websites are given preference in search results by Google and other major search engines. Searches on mobile devices now account for more than half of all online activity.

The ability to create your own changes

WordPress is an incredibly user-friendly CMS, and many customers like the ability to make their own website adjustments.

If you’ve never worked with WordPress before, we’ll help you get up to speed and teach you how to make changes to your site’s graphics, text, or blog entries.

Our website design process is laid out in detail in this document

6 basic stages are used in our web design process. We begin by discussing your company and any ideas or concepts you have in mind. To show you what we’ve done, we’ve put up an early layout. Upon your approval, we begin the process of building your new website. There are several exceptions, such as custom or e-commerce websites that may take longer to build. Your website’s development timetable will be communicated to you in advance, of course.

Once your website is ready, we’ll run it through a series of tests on both desktop and mobile devices. Everything should load, show, and read as expected. The next step is to make sure your new website is search engine-friendly by implementing all of the necessary SEO elements before it goes live. We deploy your website as soon as we’re satisfied with the final product.

The Features of the Web Design Package Described

Adaptive Design for Mobile Devices

Each and every web design project that we produce is meant to be 100% mobile-friendly and responsive. What does this imply? To keep up with the rise of smartphones and tablet computers, websites must be capable of adapting to whatever screen size they are viewed on. Before going live, each website is thoroughly tested across a wide range of platforms, screen sizes, and web browsers.

Included are the Domain Name and Email

Domain names, or web addresses, are essential for each website ( There are many free domain names offered by internet site construction tools, however they are typically subdomains and not specifically customised for your company. ( Your prospective clients will be put off by this.

Your new company website will have a professional identification thanks to the inclusion of a domain name. As a bonus feature, we supply you with a branded email address (eg. If you’d like, we’ll walk you through the process of setting it up on your preferred email service.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Is everything set up for your new website? However, before you go public with it, we’ll make it search engine friendly.

Is there a good reason for this? Initially, search engines need to know what your website is about in order to index it. Adding and optimising title tags, meta tags, header tags, schema data, and a sitemap are all part of this process. To help search engines identify the material on your website, a sitemap is a list of all the pages, articles, and other content that you want to include in their index.

A startling 90.63 percent of websites, according to Ahrefs, get ZERO traffic from Google!

You can count on our expertise in search engine optimization since we provide specialised SEO packages. We highly advocate continued SEO for a new website in order to get it to the top of the search engine results pages.


Every website design package we provide comes with a Free Gift as a way of saying thank you to our wonderful customers.

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