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Tips for eCommerce content marketing

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Tips for eCommerce content marketing

Let’s go straight to the point. Even if you’re not a seasoned web marketer, here are several things you should already know about content marketing. The “yeah, no shit” nonsense before we get into some eCommerce content marketing strategies. Basically. We’ll discuss everything from strategy to implementation to scaling and beyond. For the sake of consistency, let’s go through this introduction together, shall we?

  • It is tiresome to be bombarded with advertisements on a regular basis (about 10,000 per day). Every time, consumers favour usefulness above marketing.
  • Over time, consumer confidence in businesses has continued to decline, and people are holding brands to greater standards. An authentic brand creates loyal customers, advocates, and organic reach by delivering meaningful, shareable content.
  • COVID-19 is reshaping the landscape. Despite the fact that average consumer spending is down from last year, several firms are seeing explosive growth as a result of the shift to online shopping.

As we’ve learned from these facts, it’s evident that persistent, honest content marketing builds customer relationships as well as sales. It’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of eCommerce marketing. Let’s begin with some advice.


Create a Content-Driven Team

Get your internal stakeholders on the same page and figure out how much external help you need. It’s time to devise a strategy and go to work on the low-hanging fruit. Is there anything you need to work on right now? What are the most often asked questions by your sales staff? Ensure that you’ve completed and updated the list of simple content marketing successes on the right.

Low-hanging fruit in the world of e-commerce

  • Product descriptions
  • Category descriptions
  • Metadata
  • Buying guides
  • Blogs
  • Email campaigns
  • How-to guides

Is there anything missing from the list above? It seems like you’ll have to start putting together some stuff of your own. The first step is to find out what information you already have, and then schedule content production initiatives accordingly. There are a number of individuals who may have the information you’re looking for, including salespeople, manufacturers, warehouse managers, product managers, and customer support representatives. Even though they may not develop the marketing materials themselves, and just serve as SMEs, it is critical to notify these teams early in the process to minimise content delays.

In a nutshell, get your departments involved in content marketing. If we don’t put our money where our mouth is when it comes to writing about our own goods, how can we expect our consumers to believe us? —or anything along those lines.

SEO Problems Must Be Addressed

When it comes to developing and maintaining product material online, there are a lot of difficulties to contend with. Google has a large range of possible penalties for duplicate content (internal/external), incorrect canonicalization, and sloppy redirects. To avoid making Google guess too much, make sure you’re adhering to recommended practises (e.g., alt text on images, simplified URL structure, targeted keywords, customer reviews, etc.). You want to make sure this material is in order before publishing or upgrading content site-wide so that you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again.

Is there a lot of variety in the SKUs?

If you’re dealing with hundreds of product SKUs, the first stages of content marketing may be too much of a headache to write smart, keyword-filled material. If you’re looking to increase traffic, you should focus on long-tail keywords, which are more likely to be found in high-volume searches.

When describing a product, you may use the following formula:

 [Brand Name/Model Name/Series] Plus [Descriptor].

To begin ranking and competing with more established stores, you now have a solid base to build from.

Invest on Quality

Don’t forget about the few polished items that truly set firms apart from the rest of the pack. We’ve spoken mostly about developing targeted content at scale for each product or campaign. Some of the most successful shops provide freebies in exchange for a customer’s email address or a social media post. It takes more time and effort to generate these content; nevertheless, the end results typically lead to higher traffic and leads.

Explore the many platforms available

Instead of just promoting your own website, go out and get new customers. Think about publishing material on partner sites, social media, email, YouTube, Medium, Quora, Reddit—the list goes on and on. Find out which social media networks your consumers use, and start thinking about how your present content may be updated for those platforms.

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